Mike Meyer

I'm a 33 year resident of Eugene whose first stop then was WOW Hall. The Leftover Salmon show started my journey of rabid music involvement in Eugene, with approximately 1000 Oregon concert productions with many of them at WOW Hall. I also have rented the hall as a social worker for ecstatic dance and wellness productions. This center has held a special place for me of community, music, healing arts, and social justice. Yet it has also been a place of deep division, narrow programming, and lack of management leadership. I believe the hall is for everybody with divergent interests, and membership and a General Manager can forge a new path of cooperation, ambition, and inclusion. As a social worker I believe that BIPOC, new youthful directions, and traditional arts can flourish with elder guidance and youth leadership co-existing. Simulcast broadcasts, multi-faceted arts, and attention to history and tradition all couldn't have a better home. I'm a dj with public radio weekly shows on 4 Oregon stations and look forward to community radio, arts organizations, and social justice partnerships with the CCPA. 

I have been a CCPA board member 2x and am excited about WOW Hall emerging from the COVID era with renewed vision and enjoyable community alliances. I have advocated for a General Manager with experience and outreach skills to reconnect WOW Hall to the broader community, including fundraising. I would also like to see WOW Hall affordable for non-profit and community ventures and fulfill its mission statement of diversity and promotion of the arts. WOW Hall can and should be included in already existing arts projects like the artwalk and EugFun while creating its own festivals and celebrations of diversity, heritage, and creativity. 

I wholeheartedly endorse the work of Friends of WOW Hall, have had an ongoing working relationship with staff whose tireless work I deeply value, and have enjoyed working with prior board members. Thank you for this opportunity,

Mike Meyer


  • Are you familiar with the CCPA Mission Statement? Please touch on its primary points and your approach to them.

    • Yes, as a social worker I resonate with all aspects of the mission statement and feel it should return to a multipurpose facility. All income levels need to be served and modern and traditional cultures enhanced.
  • Do you have an interest in the preservation and restoration of the historic Woodmen of the World Hall? How do you see that goal being enacted?

    • Yes, I did fundraising for the street lamp project and believe that traditional arts will go well with preserving the building in addition to help from a variety of historical societies
  • How do you feel about the CCPA’s membership-controlled format and the democratic public meeting process it entails?

    • I believe the membership-controlled format to be crucial to the CCPA identity. I also believe it has been mistaken for a lack of management that has hurt the hall. I believe strong management and membership control must and will co-exist.
  • Are comfortable working in an open meeting collaborative format. What experience and skills do you bring to the table in this regard?

    • Yes, I do open meetings in a variety of social work organizations and am comfortable with wow hall committee meetings.
  • Have you previously volunteered for the CCPA/W.O.W. Hall? If so please tell us of your experience doing so.

    • I have been a producer and board member at WOW Hall but have not been a formal volunteer. I have volunteered hundreds of hours in event capacities.
  • What other non-profits have you worked with? What was your role?

    • I have been a volunteer concert producer and dj for 40 years. I have also been on boards of CCPA, Santa Cruz Bluegrass Society, Kindista, and have worked closely with the Eugene Folklore Society
  • What is your educational, employment or professional background? Please tell us about your skills and the working experiences that have formed your working or professional history.

    • I am a licensed social worker and community organizer who advocates for diversity and inclusion. I have produced over one thousand events and have been employed as a program manager and music director for public radio. My current radio shows are carried on 4 Oregon stations.
  • What is your vision/agenda for the CCPA/ W.O.W. Hall?

    • I believe a strong general manager will help re-unify and represent the hall in critical ways, and I want to see vitality and participation return to membership. I want to see a variety of community arts programming and the costs more equitably shared with the community, including fundraising.
  • What groups or demographics in the community do you see the W.O.W. Hall serving going forward?

    • I would like to see a mix of youth programs, bands, and projects combined with traditional arts led by elders, with culturally diverse programming prioritized, including BIPOC programming.
  • Do you have any financial or business involvement with the CCPA that might be create the appearance of a conflict of interest in the context of CCPA Board service? (Business or financial engagement with the CCPA/W.O.W. Hall does not preclude someone from serving on the CCPA Board of Directors as long as such activity complies with applicable IRS regulation, applicable portions of the Oregon Revised Statutes and The CCPA By-laws)

    • Yes, I have rented WOW Hall as a producer in the past, but do so as a volunteer and never make any $ on hall events personally.

  • CCPA Board members typically attend one monthly open-to-the-public board meeting per month and serve on two CCPA committees which also meet monthly. Projects are developed out of committees which are often executed outside of the meeting schedule. CCPA Board members’ time commitments are typically 10-20 hours per month. Are you able to donate that amount of time monthly to CCPA Board service? Are you willing to volunteer at the W.O.W. Hall or for the CCPA beyond board service if elected?

    • Yes, my prior 2 board terms gave me experience in participation in these meetings and roles.