David Zupan

  1. Are you familiar with the CCPA Mission Statement? Please touch on its primary points and your approach to them.

    1. I strongly support preserving the historic WOW Hall as multipurpose community center. I was active in the campaign to save Amazon Student Family Housing which involved applying for and achieving national historic landmark status its 48 buildings. So IÕm familiar with how difficult it is to gain such status and why it must be preserved. WeÕre fortunate to also still have a multipurpose community center that should be used by more than one portion of the community. We must provide much more cultural arts and educational opportunities for all ages and income levels and as well as a supportive environment for local artists.

  2. Do you have an interest in the preservation and restoration of the historic Woodmen of the World Hall? How do you see that goal being enacted?

    1. Again I have a strong interest in seeing the preservation and restoration continue. I was disappointed that the current board had to take $52,000 from the historic street light fund as necessary insurance if needed to pay back the PPP loan. Money budgeted for restoration should be used for restoration.

  3. How do you feel about the CCPAÕs membership-controlled format and the democratic public meeting process it entails?

    1. I back it100%. I would like to see the membership meet more often to help the board carry out the membership decisions. This could be in the form of member volunteers sitting on active advisory committees to the board in areas such as finances, fundraising, programming and restoration. Friends of Eugene has already identified twenty members ready to step up for those roles. The more active our members are in acting in such roles and as ambassadors for the Hall in the community the sooner our unity and community reputation will improve.

  4. Are comfortable working in an open meeting collaborative format. What experience and skills do you bring to the table in this regard?

    1. I have worked as an activist in such a format for many years with many different groups and campaigns. I have learned collaboration, mediation and conflict resolution skills.

  5. Have you previously volunteered for the CCPA/W.O.W. Hall? If so please tell us of your experience doing so.

    1. I was elected and served on the WOW Hall Board ten years ago

  6. What other non-profits have you worked with? What was your role?

    1. I worked as the broadcast media outreach coordinator for the Institute for Public Accuracy based in DC for which I still volunteer part time. I am the chair of Eugene PeaceWorks which is the fiscal sponsor of KEPW Community Radio 97.3FM where I serve as the chair on the fundraising committee. I am also on the board of Encircle Films where I serve as chair of the Lane Progressive GOTV Coalition.

  7. What is your educational, employment or professional background? Please tell us about your skills and the working experiences that have formed your working or professional history.

    1. My first career was as a high school and community college English teacher. I taught high school in CA, Coos Bay and Eugene as a 4J guest teacher and at L.C.C. where I helped start the part-time teachers union and negotiate its first contract.

  8. What is your vision/agenda for the CCPA/ W.O.W. Hall?

    1. I believe it's time to return to a more inclusive vision/agenda that is more welcome to the entire community and is mandated by our mission as described above.

  9. What groups or demographics in the community do you see the W.O.W. Hall serving goingforward?

    1. I believe the WOW Hall should "give back" to the community" including children, youth, adults and elders providing culturally diverse programming and a vibrant gathering place for creative artists and organizations.

  10. Do you have any financial or business involvement with the CCPA that might be create the appearance of a conflict of interest in the context of CCPA Board service? (Business or financial engagement with the CCPA/W.O.W. Hall does not preclude someone from serving on the CCPA Board of Directors as long as such activity complies with applicable IRS regulation, applicable portions of the Oregon Revised Statutes and The CCPA By-laws)

    1. No, I do not have any such conflict of interest.

  11. CCPA Board members typically attend one monthly open-to-the-public board meeting per month and serve on two CCPA committees which also meet monthly. Projects are developed out of committees which are often executed outside of the meeting schedule. CCPA Board members' time commitments are typically 10-20 hours per month. Are you able to donate that amount of time monthly to CCPA Board service? Are you willing to volunteer at the W.O.W. Hall or for the CCPA beyond board service if elected?

    1. Given the amount of time I've already put in with Friends of WOW Hall to save the WOW Hall, I'm confident I could meet those requirements.