Chico Schwall

Here are my answers to the candidate questions.

I am happy to respond to any individual questions in writing.

  1. Are you familiar with the CCPA Mission Statement? Please touch on its primary points and your approach to them.

    1. I am. I served on the board. When I say "all ages" I mean ALL ages: children, youth, adults and seniors. All of 'em.

  2. Do you have an interest in the preservation and restoration of the historic Woodmen of the World Hall? How do you see that goal being enacted?

    1. I served on the Facilities committee and I am more familiar with the building and its needs than many people. During my time on the board I delivered reports at Board meetings. 

  3. How do you feel about the CCPA’s membership-controlled format and the democratic public meeting process it entails?

    1. We need more and better communication with members. We need to report to all members on a regular basis. The NOTES should include a monthly "News from the Board" feature. The members are the driving energy and the support for the CCPA and the board should take its direction from the members. Big decisions should seek member input.

  4. Are comfortable working in an open meeting collaborative format. What experience and skills do you bring to the table in this regard?

    1. Yes. Besides the WOW Hall I have worked in bands,  public schools (teacher staff meetings, team meetings and union meetings), theatre troupes, mediation groups, co-ordinated a Folk Alliance conference with nine months' planning and 300 attendees and faculty meetings. (That conference was the first in years not to lose money. Just Sayin'.)

  5. Have you previously volunteered for the CCPA/W.O.W. Hall? If so please tell us of your experience doing so.

    1. Board service. We were asked to do various volunteer tasks. I opened for Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry in '76. 

  6. What other non-profits have you worked with? What was your role?

    1. Board of Directors, Eugene Peace Works and KEPW Radio. Board of Directors AFM (American Federation of Musicians) Local 689. Eugene Schools 4J (teacher, EEA rep). Folk Alliance International conference co-ordinator. 

  7. What is your educational, employment or professional background? Please tell us about your skills and the working experiences that have formed your working or professional history.

    1. You want a book or what? Bachelor of Music, UO '76. Most of my work has been in music and education.

      In education I have been a music teacher, art teacher and general studies teacher at the elementary, middle school and junior college level. In music I have played in theater orchestras, street corner jug bands, union rallies, folk festivals, etc. I have three indie albums of original music. Some touring, too. I curate a concert series called "Chico Schwall's American Roots" at the Shedd that has run for four seasons.

  8. What is your vision/agenda for the CCPA/ W.O.W. Hall?

    1. The hall should serve all ages children, youth, adults & seniors. The Hall should serve local artists with projects to present. The Hall should remain unencumbered. We need to get beyond just shows.

  9. What groups or demographics in the community do you see the W.O.W. Hall serving going forward?

    1. Children. Latinx and other immigrant communities. Groups involved with community action toward peace and justice.

  10. Do you have any financial or business involvement with the CCPA that might be create the appearance of a conflict of interest in the context of CCPA Board service? (Business or financial engagement with the CCPA/W.O.W. Hall does not preclude someone from serving on the CCPA Board of Directors as long as such activity complies with applicable IRS regulation, applicable portions of the Oregon Revised Statutes and The CCPA By-laws)

    1. No.

  11. CCPA Board members typically attend one monthly open-to-the-public board meeting per month and serve on two CCPA committees which also meet monthly. Projects are developed out of committees which are often executed outside of the meeting schedule. CCPA Board members’ time commitments are typically 10-20 hours per month. Are you able to donate that amount of time monthly to CCPA Board service? Are you willing to volunteer at the W.O.W. Hall or for the CCPA beyond board service if elected? 

    1. I think the standing committees model is outmoded and inefficient. I would prefer ad hoc groups with a specific purpose, think tanks and brainstorming groups.