John Davis

  1. Are you familiar with the CCPA Mission Statement? Please touch on its primary points and your approach to them.
    • The mission statement is clear in its support of cultural arts and education for all ages and income levels. I would like to see more community support for educational programs that focus on kids needs at the WOW Hall.
  2. Do you have an interest in the preservation and restoration of the historic Woodmen of the World Hall? How do you see that goal being enacted?
    • Preservation of the WOW Hall is critical to the ongoing success of programs. Creating events that would draw attention to restoration efforts and contribute to fundraising is key.
  3. How do you feel about the CCPA’s membership-controlled format and the democratic public meeting process it entails?
    • The best way to improve community support is to energize our group with participation. The more we feel connected to the decision making process the more involved we will be. 
  4. Are comfortable working in an open meeting collaborative format. What experience and skills do you bring to the table in this regard?
    • I enjoy working towards positive solutions in groups and have been an active fundraiser. 
  5. Have you previously volunteered for the CCPA/W.O.W. Hall? If so please tell us of your experience doing so.
    • I grew up here in Eugene and have attended many concerts at the WOW hall. This will be my first time volunteering. 
  6. What other non-profits have you worked with? What was your role?
    • I have worked with (SPL) The Springfield Public Library’s Books and Brew committee with Fundraising in 2019. Currently, I serve as a new board member on SPL Foundation. I am an active Rotarian and have extensive experience with reviewing grants for many community groups.
  7. What is your educational, employment or professional background? Please tell us about your skills and the working experiences that have formed your working or professional history.
    • After years of working in Film in Hollywood as a Motion Control Tech, Video editor and Key Grip I began working as Real Estate Agent in 2009 and continue to work with InEugene Real Estate. 
  8. What is your vision/agenda for the CCPA/ W.O.W. Hall?
    • I agree with David Zupan’s thought on this question. “I believe it's time to return to a more inclusive vision/agenda that is more welcome to the entire community and is mandated by our mission as described above.”
  9. What groups or demographics in the community do you see the W.O.W. Hall serving going forward?
    • The WOW Hall should continue to support all groups that support the mission of providing cultural arts and educational opportunities. 
  10. Do you have any financial or business involvement with the CCPA that might create the appearance of a conflict of interest in the context of CCPA Board service? (Business or financial engagement with the CCPA/W.O.W. Hall does not preclude someone from serving on the CCPA Board of Directors as long as such activity complies with applicable IRS regulation, applicable portions of the Oregon Revised Statutes and The CCPA By-laws)
    • No, I do not have any such conflict of interest.
  11. CCPA Board members typically attend one monthly open-to-the-public board meeting per month and serve on two CCPA committees which also meet monthly. Projects are developed out of committees which are often executed outside of the meeting schedule. CCPA Board members' time commitments are typically 10-20 hours per month. Are you able to donate that amount of time monthly to CCPA Board service? Are you willing to volunteer at the W.O.W. Hall or for the CCPA beyond board service if elected?
    • I'm confident I could meet those requirements.