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Hi, My name is Nancy Forrest. I’m running for a position on the CCPA/WOW Hall Board of Directors. I am proud of the building’s historic status, I have long recognized the CCPA’s role in our community as a gathering place for a diverse array of human beings, and I’m willing to devote significant time working with each and every Board Member to triage, problem solve and build connections. I firmly believe that the time has come to reboot the WOW Hall and what better way to do so than to elect a diverse, experienced, passionate group of individuals whose stated goals are to make the CCPA solvent, secure and inclusive.

Some of us are essential workers and that work makes it difficult to balance family life, work and personal interests. Nonetheless, I did join the CCPA as a 2020 dues paying member, the first time I’ve done so, because I thought that would be a good investment of my time and attention, given my belief in the need to ensure the continued existence of the CCPA in our community. I reviewed the website several times and checked out the Friends of the Wow Hall site as well. I think I joined both fb group pages, both the WOW Hall and Friends of the Wow Hall, on the same day. I made every effort to apprise myself of all available sources so that I could make my own determination about what is going on at the Wow Hall. Like you, I have prepared to attend and vote at the rescheduled Membership Meeting.

If you elect me to the Board of Directors for either a one or two year term I pledge to:

(1) Ensure that the organization is being run in accordance with and fulfills the mission as laid out in the bi laws.

(2) Ensure that the organization is being run in a professional and accountable manner.

(3) Ensure that all operations are run in such a way as to be both transparent and accountable and that begins with excellent record keeping, financial planning and management and timely notices and processes.

(4) Embrace member feedback and encourage greater participation in all levels of decision making at the hall, with the ultimate goal of building both the membership and increasing access.

(5) Honor the staff by creating clear job descriptions and boundaries, paying a living wage for every hour worked in accordance with state labor laws, and encouraging diversity in hiring across the organization.

(6) Revisit the SWOT study and participate in developing new strategies on how best to ensure another 100 years of community engagement, live performances and historic preservation at the hall; I will attend any Board trainings that are scheduled.

(7) Work tirelessly on behalf of preserving the historic status of the hall and of creating a vibrant nonprofit organization supported by a diverse array of old and new members.

I am running because I believe that the Board is in need of members who have years of experience running nonprofits, understand the legal and ethical implications of Board mismanagement, understand the need to set firm boundaries and to create clear job descriptions for staff that do not violate nonprofit best practices or Oregon law. I will provide a unique skill set that might be particularly useful to this Board and at this time, including: nonprofit management, office management, interpersonal communication theory and analysis, knowledge of labor law and historic preservation status rules, regulations and processes, volunteer recruitment and retention and cross cultural competency.

If elected I will be honored to serve.

Submitted by Nancy Forrest