Next CCPA Board Meeting is December 5th at 1pm on ZOOM




Attended by Sherry, Mike, Eric, Janelle, Stephen, Kathy, Sochia, David, Jon, Kathleen, Chico


General Discussion:

Someone: We need ways for low income folks to be able to earn membership

Jon: Anyone can put in ten volunteer hours per year to become a member doing work like mailing parties, tabling or working at shows 

David: See WOW website for many more ideas such as helping Bob and Eric.

Kathleen: Many casual music events not happening at other venues could possibly be held in WOW Hall with a tip jar. Like Irish jam with two performers doing live stream with folks playing along at home. This is done in Portland with contra dancing where band plays remotely. It could be a short happy hour with play list where people play along. Musicians at home would have their mics muted while they play along. Harder to do with singing groups. Mud City would be another possible group for old time dancing.

Jon agreed this is a great idea and could involve simple tech like one condenser mic. to keep two musicians at the Hall safe. For anniversary party, however, he says we will need to use pre-recorded material to follow stricter guidelines now in place.

David said Pete Sorenson just emailed recommending we use the Hall again for public events such as the police commission hearing he attended years ago. He thought funding for it could possibly come from the city or maybe KLCC.

Jon: Citizens for Public Accountability organized that police accountability meeting at WOW at no charge and also one on the downtown exclusionary zone about 6 or 7 years ago. Several hundred attended. This has been a long time tradition at Hall. For example he saw Wayne Morse speak against the Vietnam War in 1969! Lines formed up the street to see Amy Goodman at the WOW. Sherry: Yes, I was there in 2009 or 2011.

Sochia: Maybe Pete Sorenson would help get the county involved with the Hall.


45th Anniversary Party on 12/29/20 Discussion: 

David: Agrees we need diverse 45th anniversary program with pre-recorded segments. 

Kathleen: Suggests using different MCs with different Zoom backgrounds as if they’re at the Hall.

Jon says he, Katy Nancy and David will come up with brief history segments. David says he may have video of earlier presentation of WOW history to share. 

Jon says we have posters from the first two concerts with Chico and Gold Ring String Band on them. 

Someone: Mike Meyer could spin 45s. Elizabeth Cotten, bluegrass and Wallflower Collective performed 45 years ago. Danceability still performing. 

Kathy says ad in EW cost $500 for one eight page and good placement. 

Someone: We should also use FB, Instagram and Twitch. 

Jon: Says article in Fair Family News deadline is Dec. 9th.

Someone: Also we also need PSAs in KOCF, KEWP, KRVM, KLCC, KWVA. 

Janelle offered to help with PSAs.

Jon: Need street team for publicity and Sat Holiday Market until it ends12/19

Kathy G says she will help with PR on FB and that all events should have evaluation afterwards.

Chico has lead of a FB organizer who can help us.

Mike recommends using FB to reach thousands at low cost. He says partners like Fair Family Radio and Eugene Poetry Jam, and Jorah La Fleur would be great and can help us get the word out.

Jon would like to have dance and theater represented.

Mike said it would be great to get video of past acts at the Hall

Kathy: Yes also poetry and the opportunity to brainstorm would be good to include.

Sherry: Sounds like we need to celebrate the Hall all year long with monthly online shows

Janelle: Maybe we should have a tip jar on line for performers.

Jon: suggests not paying anyone because this event should be equal and free for all

David: Suggests we view the anniversary show like the challenge of creating an interesting 3-4 hour documentary with live MCs introducing pre-recorded music segments that aren’t excessively long. These music acts can be interspersed with many shorter segments of history, poetry, dance, comedy from past and present performers so there is something for everyone. We can create a program with times for each act so folks can see when to tune in to see their favorites.

Kathy: says we should also do a survey for different creative ideas during the program.

Sochia: We need more flexible use of the Hall during Covid including use of outdoor space

Janelle: We should offer something to the musicians like publicity because everyone is struggling.

Sherry: It would be good if members could have access to monthly online WOW show.

Jon: Yes, a monthly online show is a great idea and can create more opportunity for musicians to use the Hall and promote themselves. The Hall could have a catalog of videos of local musicians (like the old Switchboard) for potential bookers to review.