Letter in defense of Friends of WOW Hall:

I am a member of Friends of WOW Hall. I speak for myself, but to the best of my understanding, this is the intention of our group. We do not seek a "hostile takeover" as has been described by some who feel threatened by our intentions.

We are NOT trying to "take legal actions against CCPA." To comply with the bylaws, we are just asking them to schedule the special membership meeting regarding the budget. This meeting has been postponed twice and important financial decisions have been made without consulting the membership. As this violates the bylaws, we suggested that they might consult with a lawyer, who would probably advise them that they need to hold the meeting. We did not, as some people have been saying, "threaten to sue them." That is not our intention.

We just want to get the WOW Hall back on track financially. Assuming a great financial risk of not getting the entire PPP loan forgiven endangers the Hall with a mortgage we may not be able to recover from. We love the Hall and want it to continue, but to honor its original intentions as a COMMUNITY Center for the Performing Arts. As a COMMUNITY center, it needs to be sustainable and affordable for all.

We have some of the finest members of our community in this group, and you are welcome to join us. We are hoping for some members who share these same values to run for the board, whenever we are able to have the annual meeting.

Karen Stingle